Top 3 Lighting Trends for 2024: How we see the world of illumination in the coming year.

Top 3 Lighting Trends for 2024: How we see the world of illumination in the coming year.

Often often overlooked as just a functional facet of home improvement and design lighting is coming to the forefront of interior decoration, and we're all for it. Here are our picks for the best trends coming out of 2024.

The Glow Up of Mood-enhancing Lighting

Lighting doesn’t need to be just a source of illumination, through diffusing shades and thoughtfully chosen light bulbs we can enhance the mood of any room and create a soothing, peaceful environment even when the house is all lit up. In a world of stress and anxiety, it's more important than ever to light our home in a calming manner.

'Akari T2' Rice Paper Lamp by PARLOUR

Mood-enhancing lighting generally involves using warm, soft light that mimics natural sunlight easily on the eyes and soul. This is especially important in the bedroom where we are often looking to wind down, allowing us to regulate our sleep cycle and reduce stress levels. Consider using paper shades as a method of diffusing harsh light into a more approachable, calm environment, our Akari rice paper lamp is a perfect example of this. The rice paper shade delicately diffuses light to create a sanctuary-like feel within the home.

'Ripple' Side Lamp by PARLOUR

Statement Lighting: Bold and Unique Fixtures That Steal the Show

When it comes to interior design the realm of lighting is often seen in practicality rather than a design element or statement piece. However, we are seeing more and more designers seeing the importance of making lighting fixtures as a focal piece. With smart design choices, we can enhance not only the ambiance or feel of a room but also create something special in the realm of interior decorating.

This can be done in endless ways, whether that be pendant lighting, floor lamps, or table lamps. Check out our Ripple Lamp for a eye-catching side lamp. Curating statement pieces can accentuate your living space. By opting for something bold, colorful, or dramatic we can draw attention and add depth to a room, drawing from our own personal taste or style.

Choose something suited to your current decor, the boldness of these fixtures is up to you. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more eclectic, bohemian vibe there is surely something out there for you. Bring on 2024 and don’t be afraid to go bold with your lighting choices and let these fixtures steal the show.

Retro Lighting: Nostalgic Designs Making a Comeback

The ever loved Nesso lamp aka orange mushroom lamp

With minimalism on its way out it's time to bring back the vibrant and bold fittings of times past. The ‘60s brought on a decade of fresh designers keen to find new angles of established forms where modern plastics and materials were exploited to create eye-catching and fun decor.

A perfect example of this is the Nesso lamp brought about by Italian designer Giancarlo Mattioni. This vibrant lamp reminiscent of an orange mushroom took the lighting world by storm and its ever-enduring presence is a testament to this. With an orange acrylic shell lit by four separate bulbs, the Nesso table lamp illuminated rooms in a way that had never been seen before.

Explore lighting from previous generations that show how much lighting has been downplayed in modern days. With the rise of statement pieces nostalgic fixtures and lighting is going to be a sure-fire way to create something vibrant and eclectic within your homes in 2024.

This coming year will bring on many innovations and fascinating trends in lighting. Whether you are designing your dream home or a quick refresh on any space it's important to keep up to date with the lighting trends if you are looking for some inspiration. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions in regard's to design objects to assist in curating your space.