The Chrome Renascence Is Upon Us: How To Style Your Home With Chrome

The Chrome Renascence Is Upon Us: How To Style Your Home With Chrome

If you've been paying even the slightest bit of attention you would know Chrome is trending, and it's due for a takeover. This extends into everything from furniture, to kitchenware, and even jewellery. This is even prevalent in the home kitchen, where we have seen the adaption of stainless steel from commercial kitchens, not only for functionality but also for the aesthetic it brings.

Takeaway Chrome Vase
'Takeaway' Chrome Vase by PARLOUR

Utilise Chrome as an agent piece with splashes of colour

This brings us to the question, how do you bring chrome into your space without it feeling too sterile or industrial? We believe the move is using chrome for accent pieces and breaking up the sterile feeling with splashes of colour, this chrome side table or this chrome vase is a perfect example of an accent piece that will add just a hint of chrome to the home.

Lighting is another crucial element in incorporating chrome into the home. Diffused or softer light near chrome pieces gives off a unique warmth. Consider rice paper lamps as an affordable method of light diffusion to bring out a serene glow with chrome accent pieces. In terms of lighting, it does just involve illumination, chrome side lamps mixed with colour break up the sterility generally associated with chrome.

Chrome counter contrasting with wooden legs
Source: Liza Chloë van Duyn

Contrast the coldness of Chrome with the natural warmth of wood

Contrasting the sterile cold of steel with the warmth of wood is another true test of bringing chrome into a warm space. The balance is important, take for example the image above from Liza Chloë van Duyn where the use of thicker wooden elements and thin chrome creates a sleek and refined kitchen counter.

Parlour 'Chroma' chrome coffee table

Play with Texture

Add in softer textures and textiles, consider plush velvet and leather with a contrasting steel frame. Again we see that using chrome and steel is all about contrast with cold and warm. If using accent pieces that are chrome focused, think about the use of rugs depending on your intention, which can unite the space in harmony or separate the cold from the warm. A warm textured rug under a chrome coffee table is the perfect example, it creates a separation of material.

The best way to bring any material into the home is to just welcome it and mix it in with your life and personal style, and this is especially important with the chrome renaissance.