Colour trends looking to be huge in 2024

Colour trends looking to be huge in 2024

This year has been a wild year for colour trends with the rise of popping pinks in Barbie-core and the pivot away from the stark white minimalism of years past. It looks like the coming year is going to see an embrace of warmer, positive more nostalgic colour palettes in the home world.

The colours we are surrounded by inherently affect our mood and act as a canvas to express our own personality. The perfect shade is ultimately personal preference but here are a handful that we think will absolutely dominate 2024.

Popping Pinks and Reds

Colour trend home example

(Image credit: ALUN CALLENDER)

Barbie's reign over 2023 culture will continue to live on long into 2024. We will see a further rise in vivacious shades of pink, bringing on feelings of optimism and nostalgia. Sprinkle in pink hues with eye-catching pieces such as our 'Oti' statement chair in pink.

On this note, peachy pinks like PANTON's Peach Fuzz are seeing a rise, with this romantic shade being named their 2023 color of the year.

Free-spirited, Artistic Palettes

Micah Clasper-Torch | and Andrew Kudless | Matsys Design

PANTONE  (if anyone knows colours its these guys) is pushing for an emotional connection to colours and curating them in a more creative and imaginative way. The Creative Mixology Palette advocates this wholeheartedlyembracing originality and inventiveness. 

Grounding cordial tones of henna, clay and terracotta are counterbalanced by cool and inviting hues of marine green, true blue and crystal grey. One to look out for in 2024. We have a full collection dedicated to terracotta and earthy tones

Radiant Yellows


Rachel Whiting | |  Pandora Sykes' London home

Inviting and captivating these electric colours will bring warmth and good vibes to any design. This trend isn't just limited to the home, we will be seeing a rise in radiant effect of yellows in textiles, jewellery and even gardens.  Utilise accent pieces like our 'Simha' yellow side table to bring these tones to the home.

On top of this expect it to be making waves in the fashion industry with forecasters Coloro naming Apricot Crush their colour of the year for the upcoming 2024.

Retro Mid-tones

Dulux Colour Forecast 2024—Muse palette. Photographed by Lisa Cohen and styled by Bree Leech

Retros back baby! If you haven't already noticed the '70s are back - in a big way. The tail end of 2023 has seen a resurgence of the '70s style mid-tones and we think there here to stay. Bringing back a sense of nostalgia and embracing the past is making a comeback this new year. Consider our deep blue vinyl holder that doubles as a magazine rack as an addition to compliment these tones.

The way to make this style work by fusing vintage pieces and design icons in an updated contemporary setting. Think colourful hues in the mid-tone range, warm browns, and rich tans that are accented with deep blues and soothing greens to create a distinctly modern interior fused with the nostalgic design of the 60's and glamour of the 70's. This feedbacks to the increased desire for sustainability creating a beautiful balance of past and present.