The design trends you'll see everywhere in 2024

The design trends you'll see everywhere in 2024

With 2024 quickly approaching as is the holiday season many design trends have come and gone-in this new world we have TikTok to thank for many of these-and as we move forward into the new year, the question on everyones lips is "what's the design trend forecast for next year?"

We've witnessed the renaissance of terrazzo and marble and embraced monochrome but what does the world of design have in store for 2024?



Over the last few years fun and playfulness have taken the design world by storm. Theres no indication that this trend is slowing down in 2024, however we may see reiterations of this trend. Expect softer and more organic shapes within the home coming in after the holiday season.  Curved furniture and homewares will continue after the holiday season as they fit in so well and create great contrast within blocky, squared silhouettes within the home.

Bold Colours

After years of touting grays, beiges and greiges, design gurus are encouraging us to all embrace vibrant hues. Vibrant colour adds excitement, personality and energy, and keeps a room from looking drab. This can be done in splashes to avoid colour drenching and making your living space a blur of bold colours. Check out the Memphis design trend if thats what your looking for! Think statement pieces and splashes of bold colour our vinyl and magazine rack fits this perfectly. 


Geometry is starting to become popular in many homes and can be done in a number of ways, wether that be walls, textiles or furniture. Straight lines or organic forms can be used to add shape and interest into your home. It adds a level of detail that may not of been there before. Experiment with this one, our 'Judder' table really can add an another dimension to your home with its organic waves and form.

Irregular Rugs


A very divisive inclusion to the list irregular rugs are really starting to take a foot this year. Rugs can really define a space and can act as there own art piece anchoring the room. Gone are the days of standard eight by eight rugs and we are so for adding playful, fun, organic shapes that can really tie a room together. 

Artistic Molding

Over the years there has been a great diversion of detail in all items of the home. 2024 is the year of shifting towards more handmade and crafted pieces to the home and more detail orientated pieces around the home and in furniture. Artistic molding is one way to really bring this into your home in a more obscure and refined way. The devil is in the detail.

Continuation Of Terracotta

Much loved here as seen through our terracotta collection of earthy and muted hues we believe this trend is going to push far into and beyond 2024. Wether through tile or just beautiful terracotta tones in pieces or paint this is a fantastic way to add an organic feel to your home.